GS Watchfaces

GS Watchfaces have unique featuresinteractivity and extreme customization not found elsewhere.

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GS Digital 18

Compatible with the companion app (Wear only)

Wear OS Toolset

GS Weather 11

Compatible with the companion app

GS Weather 10

Compatible with the companion app

Why GS Watchfaces?

Extreme Customization

Our watchfaces offer a vast amount of customization options, enabling you to change any element’s color and even fonts and images, making the watchface your own!

Unique Features

You’ll find unique features not seen elsewhere like weather forcast charts, sun and moon detailed information and even tides information, depending on the wathcface!

Companion app

Compatible watchfaces can be customized from one centralized app that can also backup/restore your settings and customization, apply customizations from other users, and view the connected watchface’s data (like weather, tides, and heart rate) in greater detail using your phone’s screen!

Saving settings

The settings and cutomizations you apply to the watchfaces save so there’s no need to reconfigure after changing wathcfaces or restarting your watch. This is true for both Tizen and Wear.

User Reviews


Les complications sont vraiment super, il y a tout se qu’il faut, météo, phase de la lune,marée, Calendrier batterie etc.. sur tout les cadrans. Si ont installe les cadrans Gs digital ont peu aussi installer l’application GS( je le recommande) watchfaces pour les paramètres et effectuer tout les réglages y compris de la couleur 👍 tranquillement depuis son téléphone ou également depuis le cadran. Je recommande cette application sans problème. Bravo au développeur 😀⌚️👍👍👍👍👍


Probably the best complication suite available on the Play Store. Provides you with tides, sunrise/sunset, weather, and the phases of the moon. It doesn’t only give you the basic details either; clicking on any of the above complications provides you with a ton of additional useful information. For example, when you click on the weather complication, you are provided with a graph which displays the conditions over the next several hours. Well worth the asking price. Highly recommended.


NOW my watch is worth having. I live on the coast and having the tide information at my literal fingertips is awesome! Great to have moon phases in a detailed or basic version is helpful too, depending on the face you are using. Best $ I’ve spent in a while!

Phantom Menace76

One of if not the best functional watch face I’ve used so far


Awesome Weather watchface! Have purchased the 10 and now this one. I really like these weather watch faces, easy to setup and customize using the companion app. Couldn’t ask for a better weather center that has a Great contemporary look and feel, while supplying all the weather data you will need. Keep making these Great and Awesome weather watch faces!


I keep thinking with every other face I’ve downloaded from GS that there couldn’t be any improvement from the previous versions but once again I was proved wrong. This one is a true masterpiece! Everything so well presented. This one is a long-term keeper! 2/2/2023. I have to add if you’re going to get this face or any other GS face you should definitely get the Companion App. It adds a whole new world of customization to these faces!!


Well, there’s nice weather faces, and then we have this beast! 😱 superior craftsmanship blended with everything, yes, including the kitchen sink, forms this sassy tech winner. Download the companion app, and watch video to get full enjoyment from this smoothly operating mega load. Certainly the best weather face I’ve ever downloaded. 👍 🥂


WOW!!! This is absolutely a awesome design. The workmanship is unbelievably superb. Fabulous details. Fantastically clear and very easy to read. This is my 1st GS watchface but it will not be my last. The companion app is awesome and easy to use. My new favorite watchface. Spectacular job!!


Not only is the customization and color schemes fully customizable, but the attention to detail and aesthetic of the watch in general is superb. A very beautiful, smooth, attractive, sleek watch face, extremely productive for when you want to know things on the fly, such as your heart rate, the weather, the moon, tides even. If any other watch face does that, they don’t do it as well as GS does. And to make things even better, they have a companion app to control the face from your phone! It doesn’t get better than that, I promise you. 5 stars. Highly recommend. Will buy again/more as they’re released. 100% satisfied. Thank you GS for great faces.


Absolutely perfect!! Been waiting a while for the superb functionality of the GS Weather 9 has shown. Thank you.


Très bonne application, très détaillée et développeur vraiment super.. Je ne comprenais pas certaines choses sur un cadran, il a pris beaucoup de temps pour m’expliquer en détail, bravo et merci !


Wow , Wow , wow. The best face in my watch. Naprawdę polecam multum ustawień.

Want more?

Wear OS Toolset will allow all the data found in our watchfaces to be available on any watchface from other developers! (WearOS only)

Companion App

The GS Watchfaces android app is the perfect companion for your watchface allowing you to

  • Edit watchface settings and customization.
  • Backup / Restore setings. The settings are compatible between platforms (Tizen – Wear)
  • Apply customizations (named “creations” in the app) from other users. You can even submit yours to be added to the list!
  • View connected watchface’s data like weather, tides and recorded heart rate values.
  • Check our latest news.

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