GS Watchfaces Android companion app

A unique app that can completely control supported watchfaces from the comfort of your phone screen!

Stay informed

  • Check the app’s feed to stay informed about GS Watchfaces news.
  • Apply customizations created by other users.

Edit Watchface Settings

  • Completely customize the watchface from here without entering its settings menu.
  • The full version can edit the settings on the app whereas the free version can edit it directly on the watch.

Receive notifications

  • Receive notifications about your heart rate and your watch battery.
  • You can even set the level in which you’ll receive the notification.

Backup / Restore

  • Backup different customizations per watchface.
  • Restore whenever you like.
  • Share (as a file) with anyone that has the same watchface.
  • Share in the app so that anyone can access.
  • Export backups for safe keeping or load custimizations from files.


  • Check the weather downloaded by the watchface on your phone’s screen.
  • Only weather watchfaces support this function.

Tides and Heart Rate Data

  • Check the Tides downloaded by the watchface on your phone’s screen (only for supporting watchfaces).
  • Check heart rate data recorded by the watchfaces.