Our Tizen watchfaces (from GS Weather 3 and onward) are created with programming code. This gives them the ability to have more functionality than “regular” watchfaces but do not have access to S-Health data. Please check the below FAQs that will help you understand some of the watchfaces health data-related functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect the watchface to the android companion app?

The watchface should connect automatically but there is a chance that it may not. To connect it manually, go to the watchface settings menu and tap the connect with app option. For this to work with WearOS watchfaces, the watchface needs to be installed on the phone as well.

Why does the watchface display a different step count than my health app?

Some health apps measure your steps, using a combination of your phone and watch steps, whereas the watchface can only access the watch steps. Find out how to fix this for S-Health, in the next question.

How can the watchface show the same steps with S-Health?

You can have both S-Health and the watchface to show the same steps by pausing the phone steps on S-Health. Follow the below steps to achieve that.

  1. Open S-Health on your phone.
  2. Tap on the steps widget.
  3. Tap on “all steps” under the graph.
  4. Select “mobile phone”.
  5. Tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner.
  6. Tap on pause phone steps.
  7. Finished (Exit S-Health)

Please note that:

A more frequent setting, like every minute or always, will consume more battery.

This interval doesn’t affect the S-Health interval so for example, if you have S-Health and the watchface set to measure your heart rate every 10 minutes, the watch will make 2 measurements for this period.

Why the watchface shows different heart rate values than S-Health?

The watchface has an independent from S-Health interval for measuring your heart rate. This means that it measures your heart rate at a different time than S-Health, resulting in different values.

Do I need to enable Wi-Fi on my watch for the watchface to download the weather?

No, the watchface needs an active internet connection but it doesn’t matter how your watch is connected to it.

The watchface doesn’t load the weather, what should I do?

The most common reason for this is that the watchface may not be able to acquire your location.

  1. Make sure you have given the correct permissions to the watchface.
  2. Make sure that you have the location setting enabled on your phone and watch.
  3. If everything is correct, uninstall and reinstall the watchface.
  4. If everything of the above fails, please try to restart both your phone and watch.

Despite traveling to a different city, the watchface keeps showing the weather for my hometown.

The watchface, saves the first acquired location and uses that by default, to conserve battery. This behavior can easily be changed by setting the watchface location setting to “ask”. After changing it, please tap the manual update button to update the location, otherwise it will update on the next scheduled automatic update.

WearOS only: I installed the watchface on my phone, but it did not show up on my watch, what should I do?

Sometimes playstore doesn’t install the watchface automatically on your watch. To install it manually, launch playstore on your watch, tap on the “apps on your phone” button and install it from there. If it doesn’t appear on that list, tap the magnifying glass at the top and search for it.

TizenOS only: Why do I see a steps input screen every time I set the watchface?

Due to Samsung permissions, watchfaces created in programming code, cannot access your health data. The watchface will start counting your steps from 0, the minute you’ll set it. This screen is used to compensate for that so that the watchface won’t start from 0.

  1. It should only appear when you set the watchface.
  2. You can easily skip it by tapping OK or Cancel without entering anything.
  3. You can also disable it from the watchface settings.

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